Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice + Program


Critical & Creative Thinking Program
using critical and creative thinking to develop reflective practice
as we change our work, learning and lives


Two different wikis, Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice and Science in a Changing World, are now the primary places for building communities that extends beyond the program of studies of the Critical and Creative Thinking graduate program at the University of Massachusetts Boston and its Science in a Changing World track. (For information about CCT or SICW studies, visit the CCT website.)

This wiki now serves as an archive of past projects (listed below) and the home for the CCT monthly news. Please use this form for all inquiries, notice of events, contact updates, career updates, web/wiki glitches, suggestions, resources for us to put in news/calendar, etc.

Current active wiki links

CCT monthly news
News and reflections from alums
Testimonials of graduates
Audio reflections from graduates
How graduates build on their CCT studies
CCT Open Houses

Course wikis

CrCrTh601, Critical Thinking (face2face version)
CrCrTh616, Dialogue Processes (winter offering only)
CrCrTh618, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Organizational Change (online spring semester only)
CrCrTh618su, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Organizational Change (face-to-face summer semester only)
CrCrTh619, Biomedical Ethics
CrCrTh627, Anti-Racist and Multicultural Education (online summer section only)
CrCrTh640, Environment, Science & Society: Critical Thinking
CrCrTh645, Biology in Society: Critical Thinking
CrCrTh649, Scientific and Political Change
CrCrTh653, Epidemiological Thinking and Population Health
CrCrTh692, Processes of Research & Engagement
CrCrTh693, Action Research for Educational, Professional and Personal Change
CrCrTh694, Synthesis of Theory and Practice
WoSt597, Gender, Race & the Complexities of Science & Technology


Past Projects

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Exchange & Inquiry within courses
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