Industrial Water Management and Treatment Solutions

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    Baker Hughes industrial water treatment solutions offers you engineering services, chemical programs, and equipment to meet your water treatment needs. Whether you’re using water for heating, cooling, stripping, or acting as a carrier, we help you reduce operating costs through effective treatments that are safe and environmentally compliant.

    When searching for a service provider for your water treatment needs, you need one big enough to handle all of your needs, agile enough to respond to operational changes, and experienced enough to be proactive. Baker Hughes industrial water management and treatment solutions offers you all that and more.

    Our technology experts work with you to design, implement, and monitor specialty water chemistry programs that are customized to fit your plant’s needs.

    Our branded water treatment chemistries are designed to provide the highest actives that are fit-for-purpose in your utility systems.Through years of research, testing, and use in the field, our service equipment is proven to be able to withstand harsh industrial environments and successfully complete the job.Contact us above or look through the links below to learn more how Baker Hughes solutions for industrial water management can help you energize your water systems.