The importance of social networks

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    Por Maria hace 300 días


    Social marketing is a new form of marketing that seeks to know in depth what the needs, desires and interests of the public we are addressing. Although a priori this may seem applicable to consumer goods exclusively, the truth is that social marketing is increasingly demanded and any type of company must implement it in their commercial strategies and learn to use it in their favor however


    While it is true that lawyers and social networks are two concepts that do not usually appear together, the use of network marketing to promote the services of a particular firm or firm begins to be a basic tool with which to attract new clients, in addition to Create a good reputation in the community.

    Upgrade to survive

    Knowing this, the offices that wish not to be left out of what will end up being an obligatory practice, should have clear concepts and, for this, we must begin studying that are the social networks, which are the most attractive for the firm and what is The correct way to use them. Having specialists who advise on the best practices of these is something that is going to be essential for any type of business, and we include the offices of lawyers. At Responsea we want to place special emphasis on training in Marketing.

    The use of a company account must be at all times strictly professional and must provide unique content, related in this case to the legal area. The social networks will be the letter of presentation of many offices, and depending on what is written or published there will attract people who trust the experience and quality of their lawyers.

    Choose your social network

    Similarly, you have to decide on what kind of social network you want to open an account. Network marketing offers multiple possibilities ranging from very busy networks and with a wide profile of users, such as Twitter, to others focused on professional sectors, such as LinkedIn. However, creating a profile in one does not mean excluding others, so it is possible to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

    Once it has been assimilated that are the social networks and what is its operation and its public majority, special emphasis must be placed on the content that is disseminated in them. In the case of a firm, it is necessary to offer at all times an image of seriousness, discipline and professionalism, publishing useful and quality information for followers. Likewise, it is very important to know that social networks will also be a communication channel that customers will use to be in touch with the firm, so do not neglect feedback or let in the forgetfulness doubts or suggestions that are made to Through this medium.

    Get closer to the customer

    The truth is that law firms that try to create a connection between lawyers and social networks will see how their popularity increases in a short time. Not only that, but the use of new technologies will facilitate communication with your customers and give a sense of transparency and closeness difficult to get outside the spheres of networking.