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    Genetic lottery winner Heidi Klum chinese lingerie wholesale rocks her model mum bod in latest lingerie campaign


    YOU may think the uber lingerie suppliers china model, TV host, mother-to-four, funny and creative director Heidi Klum had to stick to some ridiculously strong diet to stay in shape.

    Having won, big-time on the genetic chocolate wheel, the Corset Manufacturer China 43-year-old has no qualms about eating and eating and cites cooking as he favourite pastime.

    Klum stars in the latest campaign for Heidi Klum Intimates with the latest shoot marking her fifth year as the face and bod of the brand.

    The pics were captured in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands by photographer and Heidi;s longtime collaborator, Rankin.Just lounging around on a lazy weekend before taking the kids to sport. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    ;It was perfect way to celebrate our fifth season by shooting in such a magical location. We have introduced gorgeous modern pieces with an emphasis on my signature style; Heidi says.

    This season she sees ;a rich and saturated colour palette with deep reds and rich blues complemented with sunset tones in blush pinks and pastel lavender;. Fashion lesson over.Mumma to four: Heidi Klum did well in the genetic lottery. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    Heidi took the reigns from Elle Macpherson as the face of Bendon ; the successful underwear and lingerie company that has garnered a national and international following. When the choice of Heidi was made it was a no brainer.

    Back then, she was a star Victoria;s Secret model before she went on to host Project Runway, Germany;s Next Top Model and America;s Got Talent.

    And put four children into the equation and she;s pretty much got the whole deal, recently admitting she;ll probably still go topless on the beach when she is 60.

    OK, and yes, there;s a great, relatively new BF, 30-year-old Vito Schnabel in her life too.Shut the front door Heidi. It’s about those rock-hard abs. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    With all of her achievements ; she;s still listed as one of Forbes; top-earning models ; the one she cherishes the most is that of mother to her four children.

    ;They really are my world,;; she told when we sat down with her on her last visit.

    ;I can;t wait to get home to them each night, and I always make sure I get there so I can cook, read with them and make sure I get them to bed.

    ;Sure, I do so many other things that I;m very organised, whether I am filming my television shows, travelling or doing numerous other things.

    ;But it really it is about my kids who I live and work for, and they my make it all worthwhile.;Rejection: ‘I’ve had a few’. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    In the same interview shot by, Heidi said ‘rejection; was something models had to get used to: ;Yes it can be painful and very depressing if you constantly go to castings and get told ‘no, no, no; and that did happen to me a lot. I;ve been rejected so many times,;; she admitted.

    ;But I just kept going and going and working really hard so wherever I;ve got I really think I have earned it, and I love where I am at this point of my career and of my life.;

    Heidi says her life is very ordered, ;I;m very German like that,; she smiles ;but I really have to do if I need to fit everything in as well is looking after my four beautiful kids.;