GM said it would not urge the small Thomas comeback

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    Por lolgavip hace 12 días

    Today the Cavaliers held a press conference for LOLGA the new aid Isaiah Thomas and Jay Claude and others. General manager Kobe - Altman said, will not urge the "little assassin" comeback, it will not set a special return schedule for it.
    The outside world is most concerned about the small assassin's hip injury. In this regard, Altman said: "out of the fairness of the small Thomas, we will not particularly pay attention to his injury, nor for his return to set a special timetable. Our health requirements are not urgent, Our goal is to return to the upcoming season, so that he can return at 100% level.
    Altman stressed that the small assassin's buttocks without surgery; but apparently he did not want to spend too much time on this issue. "Let this topic end here," after Altman refused all the questions about the little Thomas hip injury.
    Altman also talked about Claude, "Claude 's joining, so that our data analysts are very excited.
    Cavaliers coach Taylor - Lu also attended the conference. "The team added a lot of excellent puzzles, and my job is to make them better fit," Lu said, "LeBron and Kevin (Carrefour) told me that I hope Isaiah (Thomas) after the return, continue to do Last season that scorer and continued to do his own.
    Little Thomas and Derek - Ross, who will be the starting point guard in the new season? Lu revealed that after the start of the season, small Thomas will continue to rehabilitation, so will give priority to "Rose".
    Do you want to let Claude and James play together? "Of course, Claude was able to keep four positions," he said. "When he was on the floor, LeBron's work was much easier." LeBron would do many things he wanted to do I'm looking forward to Claude and James' partner.