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Britain's Muslims face workforce discrimination: report

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    Por flystly hace 9 días

    Muslim men and women in the UK are less likely to succeed in the labour market than any other faith group due to rampant Islamophobia, Europe news -- discrimination and racism, a report by a government commission has warned.

    The research, which was released by the Social Mobility Commission on Thursday, said that young Muslims living in Britain "face an enormous social mobility challenge and are being held back from reaching their full potential at every stage of their lives".

    The report uncovered some "significant barriers to improved social mobility from school through university and into the workplace" as "Islamophobia, discrimination and racism" are reported by many of the young Muslims.As a result, young Muslims are more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, in insecure employment and/or in receipt of low pay, researchers said.
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    The findings were revealed after a team of academics at the Sheffield Hallam University conducted interviews examining the perceptions and experiences of school-aged Muslims growing up and seeking work in Britian.

    According to data quoted in the document, 20 per cent of Muslims in England and Wales are in full-time work.This compares to one in three of the overall population aged between 16 to 74 years.