Shanghai Metro Line 2

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    shanghai subway to qingpu line 2 has been in operation since 2000. It is a busy west-east main artery linking Qingpu District in the west and Pudong International Airport in the east. Line 2 extends about 60 kilometers (37 miles) with 30 stations including many of Shanghai's famous attractions and commercial streets, such as Zhongshan Park, Jing'an Temple, West Nanjing Rd., People's Square, East Nanjing Rd., Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Century Park and Zhangjiang High Technology Park, as well as Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. The east extention from Guanglan Road to Pudong Airport starts trial operation since April 8. Then, Hongqiao and Pudong airports are connected together.At Longyang Rd. Station near the east end of Line 2, you can take Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) to go to Pudong International Airport.
    2. The east extention part of Subway Line 2 is running separately from the other part. Passengers from Pudong Airport will get off the 4-car metro train at Guanglan Road and then change to a 8-car train to go ahead. Vice versa while going to the airport from contrary direction.
    3. Pudong Airport Station of Metro Line 2 is located between T1 and T2. Follow the sign to get to the right terminal.
    4. The east extention part (Guanglan Road - Pudong Airport) has special operating hours. seen as the timetable below.
    5. For convenience, additional trains run from Hongqiao Railway Station and Guanglan Road Station to the city proper after the last regular train. These trains only stop at a few main stations such as Jing’an Temple for passengers’ debarkation. The schedule is shown below.