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    Served warm, Lakeside Diner's cinnamonsugarcoated doughnuts have been a daily ritual for some patrons devoted for more than 50 years. The cozy 50yearold Stamford breakfast and lunch spot has plenty of diner charm and a full menu, but its small cake doughnuts are the signature move. Rolled in cinnamon and sugar, the outer layer of the doughnut has a hint of a crust, which gives way to a soft and moist interior.

    Creating a unique design will add an element to your footwear! For a personalized touch, you can paint your face on the upper sole of the flip flop. For the straps, you can have some fancy lettering of your name. To start with the decoration, firstly, you need to glue some feathers on the straps.

    "People from Japan, France and even some Americans pay a lot of money for them. They're vintage models you can't find in stores anymore," says Ramon Medrano, a used clothing and shoe dealer from Oakley, Calif., who spends his weekends at swap meets surrounded by thousands of pairs of old running shoes. On a good day he'll sell more than $5,000 worth of used shoes.

    I taped it up and tried not to flex or point on my right foot. I have strained a ligament before and from wht i can remember, this pain is similar. I know that sounds obvious but many dont do it and the injury gets worse and worse.

    Add a tweed or plaid sport coat to your look with a solid pair of coordinating trousers. For example, add a gray tweed blazer to solid gray slacks. Or, simply swap out your usual work shirt and tie when you put on your suit and opt for a turtleneck instead.

    3. Set the first boot aside and let it sit as you polish the second boot.4. Use the boot brush to buff the first boot. These shoes offer minimal support in the medial part of the shoe, in order to encourage the inward movement. Moreover, they have a soft sole which acts as a better shock absorber, and spreads the weight evenly throughout the foot. These shoes do not have any features that prevent Golden Goose pronation, thus the foot can roll inward to its maximum.