How to make an erotic massage

You want to surprise your boy this weekend? Relaxation plus sensuality... all in one. What do you think of the idea? Today we teach you how to give a good erotic massages to your partner, to make it unforgettable. Do not hesitate, with a few short tips you can surprise your partner with an exciting and relaxing session, so keep reading and make the erotic massage the preliminary one that will take you straight to the seventh heaven.
Preparing the environment
Don't forget that the goal is to relax, but also to raise libido and revive the erotic potential of each and every part of the body. Therefore, the atmosphere is very important, zero distractions. Unplug the phone, use oils, candles or incense to help you create a special atmosphere, get rid of the watch and accessories, cut your nails... all these details will promote the effectiveness of your massage.

Choose oils that are slightly fluid and oily so that your hands can slide smoothly through the skin. Decant yourself for organic vegetable oils, avoiding chemicals. As for the smell, to your liking, the possibilities are endless: macadamia, red fruits, apricot, sweet almond....

You can also favour the atmosphere with a softer light or relaxing music, with soft melodies, without voice. You can also add your original touch to the massage by using feathers, for example. Keep in mind that if you are going to use this kind of soft materials, you must do it before applying the oil.
Essential Tricks
The first thing to consider when performing a sensual massage is that your hands should remain in permanent and direct contact with the body of your boy. If you spend some time, however brief it may be, without touching him, his muscles will cool down quickly, and he'll probably get something else too. You know, don't stop touching him!

To provoke a high-voltage massage, you must stroke each and every area of your partner's body. Ideally, movements on the most sexual erogenous points should be combined with caresses in other less sexually active parts. I mean, you should avoid at all costs going straight to the genitals. You will begin by touching their less erogenous zones: hands, head, feet... without hurry, but without pause, to finish in their hottest point.