Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes Detail The Final Fantasy VI-Inspired Raid

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    The subsequent patch for Final Fantasy XIV is coming this Tuesday and Square Enix has presented detailed patch notes. The full set of preliminary notes for the patch, entitled Rise of a brand new Sun, were released earlier today.

    Like most primary patches, Patch 4.2 will add new quests to the key situation. These quests look to become focused on Doma, with former supporting characters Lord Hien, Gosetsu, and Yugiri taking center stage. There will also be a set of new Chronicles of a brand new Era quests, focused on a Primal-style Trial using the god Byakko and also the Omega raid. That raid will see its next wing, Omega: Sigmascape, focused mostly on bosses and encounters inspired by Final Fantasy VI, like the Phantom Train. Two dungeons are joining with this patch, the all-new Hell's Lid and also the Really hard version in the Fractal Continuum.

    When it comes to quality-of-life changes, players will get a lot more cheap FFXIV Gil inventory space via the Chocobo pack. For you personally housing nuts, new Wards are opening for each residential district, and players will probably be restricted to only a single private and free of charge business estate per account. The Glamour technique is going to be simplified with a new variety of glamour prism and also the new Glamour Dresser. A new Functionality UI makes it possible for Bards to create music around the fly. And there are new products, new emotes, and new hairstyles incoming!

    All that's just before you get Final Fantasy XIV Gil for the balance adjustments for PVE and PVP play. These patch notes are massive in comparison to certain patches and are worth a study for those who currently play Final Fantasy XIV.