WordPress for Android and short blog posts

I use pump.io for my social network interactions and from time to time I post short thoughts there.

I usually reserve my blog for longer posts including links etc.

That means that it’s harder for me to publish in my blog.

OTOH my daily commute time may be enough to craft short posts. I bring my laptop with me but it’s common that I
open kate, begin to write, and arrive my destination with my post almost finished but unpublished. Or, second variant, I cannot sit so I cannot type in the metro and pass the time reading or thinking.

I’ve just installed WordPress for Android and hopefully that helps me to write short posts in my commute time and publish quicker. Let’s try and see what happens 🙂

Original: https://larjona.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/wordpress-for-android-and-short-blog-posts/
Por: larjona
Publicado: 14.3.2018 @ 06:34