Aspyr Media Says a 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2' Mobile Port "Isn't on the Horizon"

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    It was just shy of five years ago that Aspyr Media brought BioWare's classic 2003 Star Wars open-world RPG Knights of the Old Republic [$4.99] towards the iPad in an enhanced mobile version, as well as ten years following its original release it was (and is) nonetheless on the list of greatest Star Wars games ever produced. Later that year Aspyr added in iPhone assistance for KOTOR on mobile, and because then the game has been a pretty substantial results inside the mobile gaming world. That achievement of course brought inquiries as to regardless of whether we'd see its sequel, Knights in the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, at some point hit mobile too. In May perhaps of 2015 an ESRB rating and listing for KOTOR 2 on mobile got everyone all excited, as well as the following July Aspyr asked fans to vote to show their enthusiasm and level of interest within a mobile port of your game. Spoiler alert: Individuals actually wanted it.

    Quickly forward to late April of 2016 as well as a important value reduction for the original KOTOR on mobile led us to speculate that KOTOR 2 could possibly be on the horizon. Additionally, it coincided with Aspyr releasing an absolutely huge update to the desktop version of KOTOR 2, which would have been a prime cause to leverage all of that work into a mobile release. Effectively, right here we are numerous years later and KOTOR 2 on mobile nonetheless hasn't occurred, and primarily based on a note on Aspyr's weblog this week, it might never ever come about.

    The blog post is just to let fans know what Aspyr will probably be as much as with Star Wars Day (Might the 4th Be With You) coming up tomorrow. It'll involve a hefty cost reduction to all their Star Wars titles on each Steam and the Mac App Retailer, as well as a 50% price tag reduction for Knights of the Old Republic on both iOS and Android. All excellent things! The not-so-great element is in the bottom of the announcement, surrounded by those dastardly asterisks. It reads "KOTOR 2 mobile isn't around the horizon. Yes, we know you have been gonna ask. Sorry." I guess if you're planning to glean some sort of bright side to that statement, it is that "not on the horizon" is not a "definitely under no circumstances coming" so I guess there's still the possibility that KOTOR 2 could make it to mobile. It does not sound really encouraging though. I get the sense that at this point Aspyr is completely on board with undertaking a KOTOR 2 mobile port, but there is some other aspect in play that is preventing them from carrying out so, and they're not able to just outright say what that may be. I am just speculating, but I get cheap SWTOR Credits that feeling. At any rate, for those who never own the original KOTOR on mobile but, then unquestionably grab it for half-off this Friday, and hopefully sooner or later within the future we'll have far better news regarding a KOTOR 2 mobile version.