Path of Exile: War for the Atlas Expansion Announced

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    The path of Path of Exile is usually a quirky one given that it really is one of many very first MMOs to claim a sense of ethics despite becoming free-to-play. As one particular may well know, free-to-play games are typically painted inside the worst of lights as a result of fact that organization models for these games are often predatory in nature. These sorts of predatory practices consist of: the potential to spend in order to bypass a heavy grind, quality-of-life improvements that should happen to be integrated inside the initially location, and sometimes even being able to get poe currency all the finest virtual pixels to obtain the most beneficial edge against the competitors.

    As detailed on Path of Exile's site, War for the Atlas will likely be released initially on PC on December 8 and shortly after on Xbox One.

    The expansion follows a new story set in Atlas focused on the war between the forces of your Shaper along with a mysterious new entity named The Elder. Players will likely be caught within the middle of that war, with missions to finish and dungeons to discover that identify who wins and who loses on the battlefield.

    War for the Atlas will introduce 32 randomized maps with a wide variety of end-game items, 50 new Exclusive products, new abilities to master for the Necromancer class, and ten new gems. Also featured will be the Abyss Challenge League where players battle new foes to get a chance to earn Abyss Jewels.

    Path of Exile is actually a amazing instance of fantastic business enterprise practices in action, but let us not forget that it would not be such an ethical success if not for the core game itself. Quite a few fans of the franchise were attracted to it by the heavy blend of Diablo and Dark Souls influences, which is one thing that the developers have stressed often about. With well-polished combat systems, interesting story and characters, along with a plethora of content to boot, there is certainly quite small explanation as to why PoE wouldn't be one of many gaming industry's greatest indie results stories.

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