Benefits of Tea Ampas

Tea is one of the beverages that many people love from various circles, ranging from children, adolescents, adults to people who are old even though. Usually tea is consumed as a coffee substitute because in tea there is less caffeine content in comparison with coffee.

It is said that the ancient people already know this drink. However, at this time the tea has been packed in a more practical form that is a small bag in which there are tea leaves that have been dried. The way of making it is quite easy, that is just to put it in hot water then can be added with sugar or honey to taste.

Tea is also a drink that can be mixed with juice and flowers, so it will be more refreshing. One of the processed tea with fruit juice and flowers include lemon tea, apple tea, jasmine tea and others. With the tea with a variety of flavors, making people who consume them do not feel quickly bored with the taste of tea that's all.

When making and brewing tea, usually someone will immediately remove the tea dregs after use / brewing as much as 1-2 times. However, you should start now do not get used to hurry to remove the dregs of tea that has been used because it contains a compound that is useful for facial beauty.

The benefit site reveals that in tea there are the content of polyphenols and essential oils. Polyphenol content is a kind of bioflavonoid antioxidant that has the ability 25 times more effective than vitamin E and 100 times more effective than vitamin C. While the essential oil content in it has a major function, namely to assist the formation process.

With all these ingredients, it is certain that this tea dregs have benefits for the health and beauty of facial skin. To find out more information, please read this article to complete as here will be explained about the benefits of tea dregs. Here are some benefits of tea dregs that are analyzed from spirit.web id, while some of them are as follows:

Overcoming Acne
In the tea bag contain antioxidant, vitamin C and vitamin E which can be used to overcome acne by using tea dregs that have been silenced overnight to serve as a face mask, let stand for 10-15 minutes before rinsed in order to get maximum results.

Bleeding Black Acne Scars
Not only can be used to remove acne, tea bag mask can also be used to fade acne scars and black spots. How to apply it simply by applying the tea dregs on black spots or black spots regularly, let stand for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Helps Heal Sunburned Skin
In general, people who are too frequent activities outside the skin will be easily sunburned if not using sunblock or sunblock. But when it is already burned, facial skin will be red and will feel sore. To fix this, it can be done by putting a cold tea bag into the bath or bathup, then soak in it after the move in the sun.

Eliminate Panda Eyes
One facial problem that is often experienced by most people is the eyes of pandas or the problem of black pockets. How to remove panda eyes can be done by burrowing face into tea that has been stale with eyes open.

Brighten Skin Face
The content of polyphenol compounds in tea dregs can be used to make the face brighter. The trick can be done by using a dregs of tea that has been silenced during the night into a face mask.

Using regular tea dregs as a face mask can also make facial skin clean, smooth, toned and can prevent premature aging. Therefore, do not rush to waste tea after knowing the benefits.

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