Tracking the evolution of Path of Exile's troublesome Delve mode

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    Rock Paper Shotgun has shared an insightful interview that digs in to the design and style and post-launch balancing struggles of the Delve game mode introduced to Path of Exile a number of months back.

    The game's developer, Grinding Gear Games, typically adds a new mode each three months that remixes some poe currency element in the original game, and Delve is no exception. Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, Grinding Gear Games co-founder and technical director Jonathan Rodgers runs by way of a number of the early versions of Delve and the team's ongoing struggle to balance tension with exciting.

    Delve went by means of a handful of designs that Rodgers dives into inside the full story, but at some point, that balance was struck plus the group moved on to addressing resources and rewards to be made use of within the mode. The mode shipped with what the team believed was a very good balance but, as Rodgers explains, they rapidly discovered that on the list of rewards provided for clearing a dungeon threw systems in the rest from the game out of whack.

    "We underestimated just how much quicker an individual could undergo a non-endgame location and discover the resource than undertaking the endgame locations. We discovered folks could do runs in one of several non-endgame areas with a max clear speed build in about 15 seconds," says Rodgers. "The challenge with players is that if something is definitely the most effective thing to perform, they will do it since they say they are forced to complete it, and also complain that it is boring."

    The first solution was to raise the in-game resource cost of playing Delve, but that was speedily met with player backlash and blocked off the mode virtually totally for players who hadn't reached the end-game content material in Path of Exile. Rodgers explores a number of the other fixes the team attempted, and how they resonated with players, prior to buy POE Items balance was accomplished within the full short article more than on Rock Paper Shotgun.