Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 4.45 adds Much more Eureka and Hildibrand

    shelia smithson
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    Por shelia smithson hace 9 días

    We're coming towards the end with the Stormblood story cycle now that Patch 4.45 of Final Fantasy XIV has launched in-game. Today's patch introduces the following chapter within the Forbidden Land of Eureka line in conjunction with additional Hildibrand adventures, mainly because we are able to never get sufficient in the Inspector's hijinks.

    The new version from the Forbidden Land is Eureka Pyros which allows players to continue their journey to attain the headquarters from the Students of Baldesion. Through their exploration of Pyros, players will uncover a network of caves hidden within the mountains of Eureka. The caves will come with their own exceptional challenges as players transition from the tundra from the mountains to the smoldering core of the island.

    So pack up your gear and get cheap FFXIV Gil prepared to face even more notorious monsters to have the top version of the relic weapons and armor, since you will want them after we transition into Patch four.5 inside a couple of months.

    The other big addition to FFXIV with Patch 4.45 will be the continuation of Stormblood's Hildibrand questline. The story continues using the hunt for the legendary sword stolen by Yojimbo in the last update. At the really least, it appears like we obtain Yojimbo's stalwart lion-dog sidekick Daigoro.

    Smaller sized additions that rolled out with all the patch included new housing styles from the Furnishing Style Contest, some PVP balance changes for Monks, Summoners, and Red Mages, at the same time as an update to raid rewards.

    As of right now, if a party raid is began ahead of the weekly reset time (Tuesday at 12:00 am PST), but completed right after, the rewards will count toward the prior week's rewards. Which could make last-minute raids significantly less of a shit-show.

    Finally, the first round with the Final Fantasy XIV Online Fan Festival will kick off in Las Vegas on November 16-17th. The numerous announcements and events is going to be streamed free of charge on the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitch channel. The North American edition from the fan festival is anticipated to reveal the first facts around the game's subsequent expansion.

    Early speculation around the new expansion by fans includes a complete large amount of hope for Blue Mages and Dancers to make it into the game, with some even expecting Blue Mages to buy FFXIV Gil come in as a tank class. Which, honestly, could be fairly sweet. As for the new region of exploration, the guesses variety from Thavnair to Hingashi towards the very home on the Garlean Empire iteself. Offered the way Patch 4.4's MSQ quests have gone, there is a solid case for Garlemald to become the place from the expansion. Regardless, we'll find out some details around the fourth expansion soon.