Debian is back in the Mastodon/GNU Social fediverse, follow

The GNU Social instance where the @debian account was hosted ( shut down last May. Thanks to the admins for all this time!

Long overdue, I’ve setup the @debian account with the feed of in other place (I still cannot selfhost properly, due to time constraints mostly). This time I chose a Mastodon instance, Thanks to the Fosstodon admins for hosting, and Carl Chenet for feet2toot.

If you are in the GNU Social/Mastodon fediverse (or other network compatible with ActivityPub I guess), you can follow to get the news (the official source will always be, though).

I will try to follow back and answer mentions/replies as time allows. Ping (my contact info is in if something goes wrong (I’m learning this new platform) and I’ll do my best to get things back to normal.

Happy Solstice!

Por: larjona
Publicado: 21.12.2018 @ 11:42