How to use Twitter for Social Learning


About this Guide

Twitter is very easy to set up and use, and as there are a huge number of Twitter apps that enhance its standard functionality, it is now a very powerful tool. And with over 200 million registered users, this free global system can no longer be overlooked for its potential as a social learning platform.

This Guide therefore looks at how to use Twitter for social learning - that is to build a community, communicate, collaborate with others, as well as share information and resources.  In addition it looks at how it can be used for to support formal social learning events and programmes.

Although 140 characters is the maximum length of a Twitter message (or tweet)  - even in such a small amount of space, you can say, do and learn a lot, as you will see!


Getting Started
Getting started with Twitter

Accessing and using Twitter

The Basics
Building Community
Communicating with others
Sharing links and resources
Keeping up to date
Problem solving
Serendipitous learning

Presentations, Events, Classes & Training
Using the backchannel at an event
Incorporating the backchannel in a presentation
Live presentation streaming
Lectures, classes & workshops
Feedback and quizzes

Daily micro-learning
Synchronous learning


Other activities
Collaborative writing
Scavenger hunts
Serious games 
Running a book club

Managing multiple accounts & networks
Synching Twitter with other networks
Managing multiple Twitter accounts & networks
Scheduling tweets

Twitter application list
Micro-blogging and Twitter apps

Reading List
200+ articles about Twitter for Learning