Social Enterprise Network (The Guardian)


Who we are and what we’re doing

The Guardian supports the aim of enterprises that want to have a positive social impact and shares the open and collaborative approach to business that is displayed throughout the social enterprise sector.

We want to support the sector and individual social enterprises that need help to build their businesses and scale up their operations.

Commissioners, investors, suppliers and customers need help navigating the sector and identifying the relevant social enterprises, we want to help connect these people online and in person.

The Social Enterprise network is designed to do this all through:

  • News
  • Features
  • Expert analysis and comments
  • Online and Offline Networking
  • Discussions, debate and sharing best practice

Benefits of signing up...

For you:

  • A personalised dashboard that tailors content to your specific interests and introduces you to relevant people in the sector
  • A weekly bulletin that provides you with the latest developments in the social enterprise sector
  • Discounts on Guardian Social Enterprise events and reports

For your organisation:

  • A company profile that promotes you to potential customers, investors, commissioners, partners and suppliers
  • Promotional material for your own organisation’s marketing purposes
  • Discounts on Guardian Social Enterprise events and reports

The Guardian recognizes the need for social enterprises to promote themselves to potential customers, suppliers, investors, partners and commissioners. This is why we have created this free and open space for social enterprises to tell the millions of Guardian online users who they are and what they have to offer.

This is for social enterprises at all stages of development: from start-ups to well-established, from local community organisations to those transitioning from government. It is intended to be accessible and inclusive, to allow for the diversity of the social enterprise movement.

In order to have a profile social enterprises and social entrepreneurs are asked to answer a number of questions, which ask about an organisation’s:

  • mission and objectives (what it is setting out to do)
  • income and profits (how it makes its money, and what it does with its profits)
  • social impact (how it is making positive social change in its area of work)

Our assessments are informed by external benchmarks and definitions, and we reserve the right to exclude or remove the listing of any organisation deemed inadmissible; or to ask for more relevant information. The Guardian will assess inclusion based on answers to the following questions, taking into account what stage of development the organisation is at.

We hope this free space will connect, promote, network and assist social enterprises to achieve more of what they do.

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Empleo y emprendeduría online

Empleo y emprendeduría online

Ante la necesidad de muchos jóvenes en paro , y de muchos profesionales en activo, de mejorar o adecuar su empleabilidad en la cambiante situación actual, creamos este grupo con la pretensión de facilitar la compartición y el aprendizaje colaborativo, 'entre iguales', para la mejora de nuestra capacidad de empleo y la promoción de la emprendeduría digital (autoempleo 'online').