The Case For Social Media in Schools (¿prohibir?, ¿promover?, formar)

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    ¿Prohibir 'social media' en el aula,?, ¿promoverlo?...

    At a time when many teachers are made wary by reports of predators and bullies online, social media in the classroom is not the most popular proposition. Teachers like Delmatoff, however, are embracing it rather than banning it. They argue that the educational benefits of social media far outweigh the risks, and they worry that schools are missing out on an opportunity to incorporate learning tools the students already know how to use."

    Social Media is not going away; so it's time to embrace it not ban it 10 reasons NOT to ban social media in organisations

    "Nobody would dispute that the risks of children using social media are real and not to be taken lightly. But there are also dangers offline. The teachers and parents who embrace social media say the best way to keep kids safe, online or offline, is to teach them."

    It's time to welcome social media, not ban it, has just appeared in September's edition of elearning age Magazine

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