Introduction to A MODEL OF PEDAGOGY IN 2015

Tablets have arrived in the classroom and they're here to stay.

Many are saying, 'It's the pedagogy, stupid.' They're only half-way there.


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      Brave New World


      Tablets have arrived in the classroom and they’re here to stay.

      There’s been huge growth in the number and quality of educational apps for both Android and iOS (*). It seems the world's abuzz with talk of personalised education (*). It seems possible. It seems almost everyone's waiting for tablets to magically replace textbooks everywhere. Apple’s developed a compelling marketing deck which sums up the sentiment (*

      Soma (*Aldous Huxley, 1931).

      It’s argued European public education’s got a fair way to go. School dropouts run at around 13% (*). Unemployment's unsustainably high (*). Despite constant evolution of, improvement in, teaching-learning strategies (*).

      Look around you and ask yourself how you feel about the state of your country today (*).

      Most agree public education’s a big player (*). For the vast majority, it's the same bricks and mortar, to switch metaphors. Students are still failing. Teachers are still overloaded, burnt-out or both. The Wall's an old movie now (*1982).

      A billion tablets’ll only make it better for two, maybe three, school-terms (*Rocket School).

      The thought of replacing textbooks with tablets is like distributing textbooks in the dark ages, to switch metaphors once again.

      No one can question the printing press was a game-changer for education. Mobile technology's the next. It's a game-changer on the ground (*RocketSchool). It changes all the parameters.

      How's this technology so different? Ever seen someone smashing their tablet or smartphone in frustration?

      Computers belong to the information age (*). Mobile technology comes from the age of connectivity (*). Computers are about information (*). Connectivity's about connecting people and information in different ways (*).

      Education’s about connecting people with information in a way that produces knowledge (*).

      Public education's got a clean slate and a running start. We can rebuild it. We have the technology (*The Six Million Dollar Man, 1976).

      Many are saying, 'It's the pedagogy, stupid.' They're only half-way there.




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