Online communities of cooperation and collaboration thinkers: Revisión

Online communities of cooperation and collaboration thinkers

I'm trying to identify live communities of thinkers in the areas of cooperation and collaboration. Did I miss one? Tweet me: @sebpaquet

P2P Foundation
"We study the impact of peer-to-peer technology and thought on society"
Mix of examples, patterns, and Big Thinking (social/political/ economic)
Extremely active (2010)
Mailing list (also wiki , blog and ning site)
Michel Bauwens
Connecting Projects to Solve Massive Social Problems
Focus on open collaboration. Entrepreneurial orientation
Very active circa 2010
OpenKollab Google group (mailing list)
Suresh Fernando
"Less Wrong is devoted to refining the art of human rationality — the art of thinking."
Thinking-about-thinking (alone or together) posts and pages with an Artificial Intelligence bent
Very active circa 2010.
Community blog and wiki
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Group Pattern Language
"bringing gatherings alive by sharing core wisdom of what makes group conversations more fulfilling, more inspiring, more whole"
Descriptions of group conversation patterns
Very active circa 2010
Wagn site with patterns (see also the Process Arts Wagn )
Tree Bressen (caretaker), Dave Pollard
"Design for a shareable world"
nonprofit online magazine that tells the story of sharing. Concrete examples that can provide working models.
Quite active (2010)
Group blog
Neal Gorenflo, Jeremy Adam Smith
Cooperation Commons
"Interdisciplinary study of cooperation and collective action."
mostly reviews of academic literature.
Not very active circa 2010.
Group blog (drupal)
Howard Rheingold
TheoryBuilding and practical experimentation.
Named concepts and discussion
Relatively active
Wiki (OddMuse)
Core group of about a dozen people. Lion Kimbro (idea), Alex Schroeder (design)
MeatBall Wiki
Thinking about online communities; wisdom
Named concepts and discussion
Relatively active
Wiki (UseMod)
Sunir Shah
Global SenseMaking
Tools for Dialogue and Deliberation on Wicked Problems
Dialogue mapping
Pretty active
Ning site
Simon Buckingham Shum, Jack Park
"virgin ground upon which the newly born Cyberculture of openness and collaboration can be extended"
Works of vision and imagination
Relatively active
Group blog
Wildcat, rene, meganma
Handbook of Collective Intelligence
"A survey of the field of collective intelligence, summarizing what is known, providing references to sources for further information, and suggesting possibilities for future research."
Classification of Collective Intelligence instances
Encyclopedia-style wiki
George Herman
Blue Oxen Associates Watering Hole
" a Dynamic Knowledge Repository of our community's knowledge on all things related to collaboration, as well as a gathering place for our community."
Named concepts and discussion
Wiki (MediaWiki)
Eugene Eric Kim
Wikinomics wiki
"unwritten chapter of the Wikinomics book"
Collaboration technology 'pedia
Wiki (SocialText)



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    Enrique Rubio

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