Top three cloud computing white paper to read.: Revisión

1. Digital Preservation in the Age of Cloud and Big Data

This White Paper describes the technical challenges and potential solutions for preserving digital artifacts, for long intervals of time (several decades, centuries) in a new world of massive, distributed data.

2. What Does The Future Hold For Cloud Communications?

Control and security challenges will never disappear, but economies of scale are delivering an inevitable shift from on premises infrastructure to Cloud services. The idea of sourcing Unified Communications as a Cloud service is rapidly becoming main-stream, as the UC providers learn to integrate and bundle UC tools, and deliver them as a service.

3. Hybrid Cloud Storage: Making Your Move to the Cloud

Increasingly, organizations like these are looking to a third option: the hybrid cloud. In this article, we’ll explore what hybrid cloud solutions entail, how they compare to the public cloud, and who you need to set one up.