The Social Workplace/Aprendizaje social y colaborativo: plataforma colaborativa + comunidades de práctica (o de interés)

The Social Workplace (Jane Hart)

Yammer + Buddypress (Jane Hart)... comunidad de interésw o de práctica + plataforma social y colaborativa

PLWE/CLWE vs dominios ecologia de aprendizaje: 1.- formal (Formación y Aprendizaje formal- y No Formal-,LMS, Moodle, Mahara, Elgg/Buddypress, Yammer, web 2.0); 2.- cognitivo (Mi 'RCI', CmapTools, Blog,...); 3.- Social /exploratorio (Comunidades de Aprendizaje Social y Colaborativo, comunidades de interés, comunidades de práctica, redes sociales, ...); 4.- 'Seguir aprendiendo'/Acrecentamiento (Identificación de Tendencias y Patrones, Twitter, Google,...)

Elgg (¿o Buddypress?) como plataforma integral de trabajo y aprendizaje (informal, en el puesto de trabajo 'workplace learning', mi 'REA', social y colaborativo.

Social Learning Community : Tips

The Social Learning Community is a place to discuss and share experiences around the use of media for working and learning.  It currently has over 600 members - practitioners from  education and workplace learning as well as consultants and vendors (although the latter are urged not use to this Community for hard selling).

The focus of the Community is on how we can do things differently with social approaches rather than applying them to traditional thinking and modes of training and education.

The Community is hosted on the private micro-sharing service, Yammer.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Yammer and find your way around its functionality.

1 -  Please introduce yourself to the group, and your interest in "social learning".

2 - We have already had a lot of different conversations, so rather than ask the same question, it might be a good idea to take a look and see if we have already covered your question.  Here are som suggestions on how to locate past threads and posts of interest?

  1. Searching  across the Community
    Use Search box on top-right hand of web page.  Enter any keyword and it will return results of yams that include the keyword.  Advanced search (right-hand side of search page results) will then let you filter your search even further.  Take a look at this blog posting for more help on searching:

  2. Viewing Topics
    Topics can be added to threads to organize them and keep related threads together.  You can also do the same by adding a #hashtag in your yam (see 4f below).  The Topics link (on the left-hand side of the web page will display current topics.  Note: the most popular  topics appear at the top of the list.

3 - Who should you follow?

  1. By default you follow everyone.  Too much info?  Uncheck Follow all in the Members list (link on left-hand side of web page), and then select the members you want to follow.  You can also follow specific Topics. (Select Topics from left-hand side and then click topic name, and Follow topic).

  2. Note: the postings of those you follow are displayed  in My Feed, whilst Community Feed displays all members' posting.

4 - Want to save thread?

  • Use Bookmark in More pull-down menu underneath the post.  Bookmarked items appear in a link on the left-hand side of the web page, which becomes visible, when you click More (under Notifications).

5 - Posting tips

  1. You can share links, files, images and events.  Click on the relevant resource tab first, enter link or upload item, preview it and then you can add some supporting text.
  2. To send a message to someone, use @username - remember it is visible to anyone
  3. To refer to someone in a message, use @username in the yam
  4. To send a private message, type to:username - this yam is only visible by username
  5. To link to an existing thread by right-clicking the date stamp underneath a yam, and copying and pasting the link address
  6. You can tag your post with a hashtag # or use Add Topic to help organize threads (in More pull-down menu under a post).  As you type a topic it will offer you similar topics, which you could re-use.
  7. If you a Twitter user you can tweet in to the Community (provided it is your only Yammer netw0rk) by including #yam in the tweet.  (You will need to have included your Twitter name in Account settings/Preferences/Profile)

6 - Setting/changing your web preferences

  • Click Account (top-right hand side of web page), then Preferences on left-hand side:
    • Message settings : Show full names instead of usernames or Show absolute timestamps instead of time ago
    • Feed settings: Show messages in threads instead of as a stream

7 - Keep up to date with postings using a browser extension, desktop or mobile app

  1. There is a Google Chrome extension, Yermah,  and a Firefox extension, YammerFox
  2. You can install the desktop or mobile applications (for iPhone, Androids and Blackberry) from Account/My Applications.
  3. The social desktop app, Seesmic, can also now integrate your Yammer account

8 - Keep up to date with what's happening with email activity digests

  • Click Account (top-right hand side of web page), then Notifications (on left-hand side).  Select the appropriate community. 
  • Select Daily or Weekly in the "Send me a digest of message activity" box.
  • Whilst you are in the Notifications area, (de)select the email notifications you want to receive from Yammer.

9 - Need any further help, try Help in the pull-down menu from Account in the top-right hand corner.

10 - Want to find out more about Yammer, here's my Yammer Reading List

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