Competences Mapping for Personal Learning Environment Management

Malinka, Ivanova and Mohammed Amine, Chatti (2011) Competences Mapping for Personal Learning Environment Management. pp. 1-13. In: Proceedings of the The PLE Conference 2011, 10th - 12th July 2011, Southampton, UK. (MS Word) 165Kb


For the successful organization and management of their own learning, the students have to meet several requirements related to the appropriate combination of adequate knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competences. A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) project that we started two years ago at Technical University of Sofia and RWTH Aachen University has shown that students do not possess all needed competences for self-organization, self-learning and self-cognition that would impact the effectiveness of their learning. The aims of this paper are to explore the students’ competences profiles and their capabilities for behavior activities to organize and plan learning according to a given learning situation and to examine the functionality of a PLE to facilitate the achievement of missing competences. A competences model for personal and professional development is created after a literature review of key competences for engineers and lifelong learners and after gathering the students’ opinion through several surveys. This competences model is refined and a solution how the tools of a PLE can be used in support of it is proposed.



    Enrique Rubio

    Enrique Rubio

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