QUIZ: Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank? | Edutopia

QUIZ: Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank? | Edutopia

Muy interesante, y práctico. Con la respuesta personal a una serie de preguntas (agrupadas en 10 pasos), proporciona un resultado al encuestado (en cuanto a nivel de 'expertise' -pericia, capacidad- en el uso de tecnología en la docencia), ubicándolo en uno de los siguientes 3 niveles:

1.- Beginner

2.- Intermediate

3.- Advanced


Una vez conocido tu nivel, te propone retos a cumplimentar (muy interesante). Por ejemplo, en el caso que fuera 'Advanced' , te propone los siguientes retos:


All-Star (Advanced)

You are a wired wonder, comfortable adding a technological dimension to your teaching, learning, and life. The challenge is now to keep up with the pace of innovation and your student's accelerated mastery of digital tools. Plus, how do you bring your school colleagues along with you? How do you bring like-minded folks into your school community? Click these links and get pro-active:

  1. Share your wisdom and help spread the word in one of Edutopia's groups:
    Multimedia Literacy

    Online Learning

    Technology Integration (Elementary)

    Technology Integration (High School)

  2. Explore how technology integration can give students a more personalized learning experience.
  3. Try using screen-capture software to explain a difficult concept and post the video on YouTube so your students can review at their own speed.
    (See this
  4. Check in with other Twitter-savvy teachers for new ideas. And tune into the weekly #edchats, held every Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST/5 p.m. GMT and 7 p.m. EST/12 p.m. GMT.
  5. Don't let the budget stop you. Learn how to find and write grants so you can get the funding to support important technology initiatives at your school.
  6. Help students make constructive use of social networking.
  7. Go the way of the wiki and build online creativity and cooperation in your classroom.
  8. Use online simulations and games as teaching tools:
  9. Get some inspiring lesson plan and new media ideas from other Edutopia students and teachers.
  10. Join a professional organization, such as the International Society for Technology in Education, that guides and supports what you're trying to accomplish with technology in the classroom.
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    Enrique Rubio

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