Instructional Planning Activity Types as Vehicles for Curriculum-Based TPACK Development

Harris, J., & Hofer, M. (2009). Instructional planning activity types as vehicles for curriculum-based TPACK development. In C. D. Maddux, (Ed.). Research highlights in technology and teacher education 2009 (pp. 99-108). Chesapeake, VA: Society for Information Technology inTeacher Education (SITE).

Abstract: Teachers’ knowledge is situated, event-structured, and episodic. Technology,
pedagogy and content knowledge (TPACK) – one form of highly practical professional
educational knowledge – is comprised of teachers’ concurrent and interdependent curriculum
content, general pedagogy, and technological understanding. Teachers’ planning – which
expresses teachers’ knowledge-in-action in pragmatic ways -- is situated, contextually
sensitive, routinized, and activity-based. To assist with the development of teachers’ TPACK,
therefore, we suggest using what is understood from research about teachers’ knowledge and
instructional planning to form an approach to curriculum-based technology integration that is
predicated upon the combining of technologically supported learning activity types within and
across content-keyed activity type taxonomies. In this chapter, we describe such a TPACK
development method.