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The 3rd SM: Enterprise SM





The use of social media in the enterprise is, of course the playing field articulated by Andrew McAfee as Enterprise 2.0, first in his seminal article and then in his great book.  He nicely captured the adoption of web 2.0 tools within the bounds of organizations. I think of the trajectory from the introduction of the tools on the web to the current state as follows:




Trajectory for e2.0



I think of social media as both:

  • Web-based technologies that shift focus from content to conversation, from publishing to interacting (SociaL MEDIA), and
  • Technologies and practices embedded in a web of relationships (SOCIAL Media)

This trajectory suggests, I hope, the reality of Clay Shirky‘s comment:

"One consistently surprising aspect of social software is that it is impossible to predict in advance all of the social dynamics it will create".

So what does it mean, exactly, that companies are adopting “web 2.0 practices?

There are some interesting answers from recent market research by Information Architected (Carl Frappaolo and Dan Keldsen) for the 2.0 Adoption Council.  Responding to the question, “What are the business drivers behind your Enterprise 2.0 initiative? the top five answers were:

  • Connecting colleagues across teams and geographies
  • Enabling access to subject experts
  • Increasing productivity
  • Capturing and retaining institutional knowledge
  • Fostering innovation


Evolución de la KM: impacto del Social Media (SM)


 That is, the locus of knowledge is not just in the network, it’s in the conversations in the network. Content is no longer king. Social media has made it all about conversations

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