EDUcation-Collaboration And Coaching | The Future

EDUcation-Collaboration And Coaching | The Future

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EDUcation-Collaboration And Coaching | The Future






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Please click this link first before STARTING ===> Collaboration-Working As A Team (Especially On Global) And Connected Through Social Media <=== and/or read first the TOPIC below ===> Collaboration-Working As A Team (Especially On Global) And Connected Through Social Media <=== where YOU will find the necessary information on ===> How To <=== work on OUR global collaboration blog, thanks to respect this.







WHY Coaching!?

Coaching  is NOT YET accepted that as it SHOULD be in EDUcation, BUT it is a MUST for 21st Century EDUcation as:

  • [GM] It is a Win-Win situation between Teachers and Students (Learners)
  • [GM] It is an essential  win of time, learners learn much quicker
  • [GM] There will be an atmosphere of TRUST between teachers and learners

[GM] Due to this TRUST, learners feel more FREE to ask questions [GM] The learners learn to work in a TEAM [GM] It is more exiting to learn on this way [GM] The learners get motivated to learn on THEIR own pace [GM] The learners are “learning to learn“ [GM] The learners have a voice [GM] The learners could be teacher and learner [GM] Coaching is observing the learners: one finds out WHAT is needed from them and can adapt to ANY situation then. [MK] & [DK]: add more, please, thanks [MK] True collaboration takes place, give/take of information [MK] Build global connections [MK] Build understanding of CULTURES and COMMUNITIES [MK] Connect learning ==> build PARTNERSHIPS [MK] Establish a common language

  • [GM] The common language should be ===> Respect, Tolerance, Adapting, Empathy, Social behavior

… … [DK] Global Collaboration has allowed me to share, learn, and become a better educator, colleague, and educational professional ==> PKM!! Learning through collaboration with other professionals in & out of the classroom! Collaboration provides the #HowTo for ideas within the classroom as an EDUcator as well as a Professional Colleague. … … … … HOW TO Coaching:

  • [MK] Establish Roles as a coach==> what it means for ALL
  • [MK] Establish roles and responsibilities, what is the end GOAL?
  • [MK] Establish guidelines to develop critical thinking/critical minds
  • [MK] Establish roles within, each person should have a JOB that uses their strengths