The ACCESS Project, Colorado State Univ


The ACCESS Project, Colorado State Univ



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  • UDL: A Concise Introduction updated (HTML | PDF)
  • How Do You Teach? A UDL Checklist (DOCX | PDF)
  • From Theory to Practice: UDL Quick Tips (DOCX | PDF)


UDL Technical Modules




Student Self-Advocacy


Self-Advocacy (SA) skills are key to students’ college and life success. Through self-advocacy skill development, students learn life‑long strategies to help them take charge of their lives and maximize their strengths. When applied in the context of universally-designed instruction, self-advocacy skills may improve student persistence, retention and degree attainment.


Self-Advocacy HandbookSA Handbook for College Students with Disabilities


The Handbook includes a look at the transition from high school to college, followed by three sections that correspond to the definition of self advocacy: “Know yourself,” “Know what you need and want,” and “Know how to get what you need and want.” Each section includes a worksheet, checklist, suggested activities, and links to additional resources.




  1. Know Your Strengths
    1. A Snapshot of Your Strengths
    2. Personality Traits
    3. Learning Styles
    4. Values
    5. Interests and Skills