2.- Mi Red Personal de Aprendizaje

Mis fuentes (paper.li

Plataforma de integración de mis fuentes (mi PLN) como soporte de mi 'Curacción de Contenidos'

plataforma integracion mis fuentes


1.- Expertos

2.- Comunidades


3.- Blogs

  • INED 21  medio digital de educación y aprendizaje en español. La línea editorial que adopta es plural, global e interdisciplinar. Aprendizaje abierto
  • Personalize Learning  MUST

What are the Skills You Need?


SkillsYouNeed is split into six distinct sections:



We also have various sub sections including: Study Skills - not just for students, but for anybody who wants to learn how to learn more effectively.



Leading in Context

What it Means to Lead Ethically

Mis reflexiones sobre Aprendizaje (Marta Torán), http://www.scoop.it/t/mis-reflexiones-de-aprendizaje

Vamos a emprender j.a. marina, fundación repsol

4.- Wikis


5.- Redes Sociales

6.- Web Sites

7.- Revistas


8.- Grupos



Web 2.0 Tools

Stumble Free web-browser extension which acts as an intelligent browsing tool for discovering and sharing web sites

Digg ranking 'social' de noticias

CiteULike: A free online service to organise your academic papers

Barnraiser- We give people the tools they need to share knowledge and advance society through the use of social software

Me2U at Athabasca University is a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog and social networking system, connecting learners and creating communities of learning. It is used as a research and development tool that allows distance education students to meet both socially and academically.
Google Calendar
Google Trends  (p.e. documentum vs alfresco)
Zamzar free online file conversion

10.- Documentos base


  • Complex Systems Guide (This guide is an introduction to complex systems thinking and its applications. Whether you are an expert or a novice, we hope that this resource will provide new insights into questions that you are trying to address in your work or daily life.

    Complex systems concepts provide a new unity of approach to many different problems. These concepts originate from efforts to understand physical, biological and social systems. Examples of applications can be found in all fields and professions including science, medicine, engineering, management and education.

    To use this guide you can follow the concept map to explore some of the concepts that have been developed. You can also read some of the examples that illustrate the power of these concepts.

    It should be recognized that complex systems is an active field and the most exciting discoveries are yet to be made. You are welcome to join in the spirit of open inquiry.)


Ejemplo de fuentes de información relativas a un tema...

Digital Ecosystem Information Sources

The following web-pages present the major information resources related to this concept and related activities. Since by definition, the topic is complex, evolving, and a variety of ecosystems exist, the following references may show a diversity of views and approaches, corresponding to the interests and background of the authors/groups.


11.- Plataformas MOOCs


 Edutopia's YouTube Channel