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      mapa conceptual

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        Introducción a las Ciencias de la Complejidad

            Introducción a las Ciencias de la Complejidad Clase 1 Introduccion a las ciencias de la complejidad View more presentations from Andres Schuschny

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          Through The Lens Of Complexity Theory : Concepts For Managing Change

          In their sometimes desperate quest to manage change, employers have been using a variety of strategies: investing in information technologies, reengineering work processes, empowering front-line employees, organizing around teams, emphasizing quality mprovements or customer service, etc. Alth...

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            Pensamiento Complejo (repensar la noción de conocimiento)


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              Beyond Management: The Personal Learning Environment. Stephen Downes

              Beyond Management: The Personal Learning Environment. Stephen Downes Beyond Management: The Personal Learning Environment. Stephen Downes View more presentations from Departament de Justícia. Generalitat de Catalunya.

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                Neuroscience core concepts

                  the neuron club   "To know the brain… is equivalent to ascertaining the material course of thought and will, to discovering the intimate history of life in its perpetual duel with external forces." Santiago Ramón y Cajal         http://www.b...

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                  Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Complexity Science

                  Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Complexity Science 1. What Complexity Is Complexity is a new field of knowledge based on how groups of living things - people, animals, organizations, communities, the economy etc. - actually behave in the real world...

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                    Critical Thinking

                    A look at some of the principles of critical thinking. A mi parecer, buen video (5'13") sobre 'Critical Thinking' en el que semuestran conceptos clave del mismo. Aunque en inglés, explicita mediante texto escrito en el propio video, gran parte de lo que en él se dice, por lo que pu...

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                      0 Neurociencia: Neuroliderazgo

                      Neurociencia: Neuroliderazgo “Un horizonte temporal completamente diferente sugiere la necesidad de contar con un liderazgo diferente” - Néstor Braidot. ¿Qué es neuroliderazgo? ¿Cómo se puede implementar el neuroliderazgo en el contexto organizacio...

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                        NEUROSCIENCE CORE CONCEPTS

                        NEUROSCIENCE CORE CONCEPTS   What Are Neuroscience Core Concepts?Neuroscience Core Concepts offer fundamental principles that one should know about the brain and nervous system, the most complex living structure known in the universe. They are a practical resource about: How your ...

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