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    • Enrique Rubio

      Critical Thinking in Education

      Critical Thinking In Education View more presentations from erusten

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      • Enrique Rubio

        Education to employment (McKinsey)

        Education to employment  McKinsey & Company: Educación para el empleo (Eduteka) Young people can’t find jobs. Yet employers can’t find people with the right entry-level skills. How can we close this gap? Young people today are three times as likely as their par...

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        • Laura Arjona Reina

          Family games: Robots

          I play “Robots” with my kid. I’ve tested the game with other kids and it seems that for ages 5 to 7 they like it. I’ve talked about the game to several adults and it seems they like too, so I thought maybe writing about it here may be useful for somebody to enjoy some summ...

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