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    • Enrique Rubio

      Online Connectivism Conference… Presentación de G. Siemens Todavía sorprendido por el impacto personal de la conferencia inugural de la Online Connectivism Conference (seguimiento en tiempo real por mas de 190 personas distribuidas a lo largo y ancho del mundo), aprovecho para: 1.- referenciar el contenido de d...

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      • Enrique Rubio

        Las herramientas digitales expanden la capacidad de aprendizaje...

        Digital tools expand learning opportunities Sept. 21 discussion examines the implications of mobile devices and broadband access on education By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor Access to digital learning opportunities is critical for U.S. students' success, panelists said. Investments in broad...

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        • Enrique Rubio

          Top100 Tools for Learning 2010 (from jane hart)

          Interesante referencia de herramientas 'elaerning'... Top100 Tools for Learning 2010 View more presentations from Jane Hart.

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          • Enrique Rubio

            'Tweetchat room eAprendiz'

            Haciendo uso de la herramienta 'Tweetchat' , hemos creado un espacio ('room') eAprendiz donde localizar la conversación alrededor de la etiqueta ('hashtag') de Tweeter 'eAprendiz'. Con ello se pretende tener continuidad, poder seguir conversando, mas allá de la Maestría, alr...

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            • Enrique Rubio

              Lo mejor de la web en el 2010 (64 herramientas para profesores)

              Buena recopilación de 64 herramientas (via dolors reig) ... Best of the web 2010 View more presentations from Richard Byrne.

              Tags: tools, emedia, teachers, profesores, herramientas, einnova, eaprende

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              • Enrique Rubio

                The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

                A guide to educational technology for teachers, administrators, and students.

                Tags: ebook, tools, eprofesor, eestudiante, profesores, educacion, tecnologia

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                • Enrique Rubio

                  Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011

                  Top 100 Tools for Learning 20   KEY: Previous years rankings shown in grey | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 F = free, P = paid for, D = download, O = online Top 30 Twitter - micro-sharing site   |  1 |  1 | 11 | 43=    F O  YouTube - video-sharing to...

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                  • Enrique Rubio

                    Thinking Tools

                    Thinking Tools View more presentations from Zaid Alsagoff

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                    • Laura Arjona Reina

                      10 short steps to contribute translations to free software for Android

                      This small guide assumes that you know how to create a public repository with git (or other version control system). Maybe some projects use other VCS, Subversion or whatever; the process would be similar although the commands will be different of course. If you don’t want to use any VCS, y...

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                      • Laura Arjona Reina

                        Participating in the FLOSS Survey 2013, and collateral benefits

                        I’m participating in the organization of the FLOSS Survey 2013. I hope many people fill in the survey and we get a nice picture of how free, libre, open source developers and contributors are (demographics, motivations, etc). I hope we … Continue reading →Original: https://larjo...

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