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      Literacy for 21st Century First Edition: An Overview & Orientation Guide (en español)

      How does media literacy relate to the construction of media? How can critical thinking be taught and learned while students are producing media?. Center for Media Literacy

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        Is the Internet changing the way you think?


        Tags: must, internet, critical thinking

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          Una mente nueva

          diferencias entre las formas de pensar de los hemisferios en los que se divide nuestro cerebro

          Tags: metacognicion, critical thinking, howto, libro

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            La vida en beta permanente

            Tags: harold jarche, complejidad, critical thinking, creatividad, ambiguedad, howto

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              Critical Thinking Questions (CTQs)

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                Thinking Styles (What type of Thinker are you?)

                from Analytical Clear thinking, orderly, and rational Inquisitive Curious, alert, and interested in the surrounding world Insightful Prudent, humble, reflective, and strategic Open-Minded Intellectually tolerant and fair minded Systematic ...

                Tags: thinking styles, test, critical thinking

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                  My Thinking styles

                  Understanding Your Thinking Styles Thinking styles are behaviors—tendencies or positive habits—that have developed over time.Each style contributes, in different ways, to thinking clearly and being proactive.A few of the positive qualities associated with each style are presented as ...

                  Tags: thinking styles, critical thinking, report, pdf

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                    Concepciones del Aprendizaje

                    Aprendizaje significativo vs Aprendizaje dialógico

                    Tags: aprendizaje o, dialogos, critical thinking, pensamiento critico

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