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    • Enrique Rubio


      ...robust and accessible framework for modelling, designing and managing complex syste...methods of analysis that tries to understand, design and manage systems by breakin...odeling languages that assist in the modeling, designing and managing of complex sy...

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      • Ana Armario Sanchiz


        ...ssier will grow to be part of the final book. For this purpose we will design workshop content and trekking...reason, the content of each workshop and trekking activities should be designed. The other partners may pro...

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        • Javier Toledo Ravelo

          Mi red externa de aprendizaje - REA (sobre Aprendizaje en línea - elearning)

 (Free, Libre and Open Source Software in Education) Instituto iberoamericano de TIC y educación (IBERTIC) National Center on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Comunid...

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          • Enrique Rubio

            0 Curso ‘Model Thinking’ (Coursera)

            ...d adopt more effective strategies. They even can improve our ability to design institutions and procedures....7: Prisoners’ Dilemma and Collective Action Section 18: Mechanism Design November 5 – Sections...

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            • Víctor Manuel Gutierrez Corzo

              Mi red externa de aprendizaje - REA (sobre Aprendizaje Colaborativo - Collaborative Learning)

              ...n Community: Collaboration Online Teresa Dobson, et al; EDUCAUSE 2007 Conference Proceedings; Models for Collaborative Online Learning: Pedagogy, Design, and Epistemology  Si...

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