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    • fernando

      review unit 1,2,3

        Esta página es de repaso de todo lo visto en las unidades anteriores... present simple or continuou...

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      • Albertpz

        Nokia N8

        Dimensions Size: 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm Weight (with bat...tag cloud, month, album, slide show Photo editor Online Share with connectivity to po...(PictBridge), Bluetooth connectivity (BPP) or via online printing Other Inter...

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        • fernando

          UNIT 9 PAST SIMPLE

           UNIT 9 contents was were  past simple...t1-mw.html irregulares imprimible   imprimible lista online

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          • fernando

            future tense

              CONTENTS Future with going to future with ejercicios

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            • Enrique Rubio

              Gestión del cambio: de ORG 1.0 a ORG 2.0: Organización SOCIAL.

                Is it time to refresh your brand? There are many i...arning (FSL) - Learning in formal classrooms or on online courses Personal directed le...entation, spreadsheet etc. Google Docs is the most online office/collaboration suite....

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              • fernando

                Unit 7 :present continuous and asking for permission

                CONTENTS Making polite requests present continuous present continuous for future...ttp://

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                • José Félix Bogado Tábacman

                  Mi Red Externa de Aprendizaje (REA)

                    Me es difícil focalizarme en un solo tema, dado que hay varias tem&aacut...sp;   HSM Forums   13.      Alertas 'online' ·   &...

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                  • Enrique Rubio

                    0 Curso ‘Model Thinking’ (Coursera)

                      Curso ‘Model Thinking’ (Coursera)   About the Course We l...per model.     Welcome Welcome to Model Thinking! In this free, online course, we're going to learn...

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                    • fernando

                      CEPA LAS PALMAS' ENGLISH

                        Bienvenidos a CEPA Las Palmas' English,un curso de inglés online diseñado especialmente para...

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                      • Enrique Rubio

                        The News Literacy Project (NLP)

                        News Literacy Project Trains Young People to B...about 200 journalists enrolled in its online directory, including broadcas...-hour news cycle and the explosion of online information, today’s st...nglish teachers. Print, broadcast and online reporters and editors, produc...

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