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    • Enrique Rubio

      Rutas hacia el autoaprendizaje

      Se resumen varios aspectos cruciales de la transición desde plataformas de teleformación (LMS) a entornos personales de aprendizaje, extraído de On the way towards Personal Learning Environments: Seven crucial aspects.  También puede resultar oportuno menciona...

      Tags: aprendizaje, 2.0, innovacion, blended learning, semipresencial, elearning, estudio

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      • Enrique Rubio

        patob's dashboard : Personal Learning Environment / Personal Learning Environment en Delicious

        Diferentes e interesantes recursos relacionados con los PLE.

        Tags: ple, plwe, eaprende, aprendizaje, elearning, 2.0

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        • Enrique Rubio

          EFQUEL - European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning

          The European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL) is a membership organisation which is based in Brussels, Belgium. It is a network with over 80 member organisations from Europe and beyond such as other networks, universities, corporations and national agencies. The Foundation serve...

          Tags: elearning, quality, red, network, learning literacy, eprofesor

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          • Enrique Rubio

            European Distance Learning and E-Learning Network (EDEN)

            EDEN - the European Distance and E-Learning Network - exists to share knowledge and improve understanding for professionals in distance and e-learning across the whole of Europe and beyond, and to promote policy and practice for this field of endeavour. EDEN is for all those concerned with di...

            Tags: eden, elearning, network, red, distance education, europe, distance learning

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            • Enrique Rubio

              100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom | Online Universities

              <!-- by Site Administrator --> Social media may have started out as a fun way to connect with friends, but it has evolved to become a powerful tool for education and business. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tools such as Skype are connecting students to learning opportunities in...

              Tags: recursos, ideas, twitter, docencia, teaching, elearning, aula2.0

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              • Enrique Rubio

                e-learning, conocimiento en red

                Tags: elearning

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                  Instructional Design — Social Learning and Social Media

                  Visión general para diseño de procesos de aprendizaje (elearning,aula). Buenas síntesis (mapas de conceptos).

                  Tags: aprtendizaje, diseño, plataformas, aula, elearning, vision, mapa conceptual

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                  • Enrique Rubio

                    Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles : eLearning Technology

                    Cómo hacer de Twitter una herramienta de aprendizaje efectiva

                    Tags: twitter, tony karrer, how to, learning, elearning, tool

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                    • Enrique Rubio

                      Learning through Reflection

                      Buen 'site' en general (aprendizaje,conocimiento,formación etc)... Aprendizaje mediante reflexión... We learn by experiences that allow us to (Wertenbroch & Nabeth, 2000): Absorb (read, hear, feel) Do (activity) Interact (socialize) In addition, we also learn by reflec...

                      Tags: elearning, conocimiento, diseño instruccional, aprendizaje, skills

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                      • Enrique Rubio

                        eLearn: Feature Article - Predictions for e-Learning in 2011

                        Tags: tony_karrer, elearning, trends, 2011

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