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      PKM  (Harold Jarche)     “PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world & work more effectively.” (HJ) Keeping track of the digital information flows around us and separating the signal from the noise is difficult...

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        Making Agile Learning Spaces to Support 21st Century Instruction

        Making Agile Learning Spaces to Support 21st Century Instruction As the capabilities of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices encourage new approaches to teaching and learning, this paper presents research to support a complementary change in approach to planning, designing, and implem...

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          The Basics of Effective Learning

            The Basics of Effective Learning       [ Learning Home ][ Topics Menu ][ Study Skills ][Concepts of Learning ] [ Web Site Resources ][ BC3 Help Resources ][ Learning Site Map ] If you're new to this site, start with Your Learning Style Profile

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            MUST... Critical & Creative Thinking Program + Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice (perfil eAprendiz, eEmprendedor)

   Critical & Creative Thinking Programusing critical and creative thinking to develop reflective practice as we change our work, learning and lives   Two different wikis, Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice and Science in a Changing World, are no...

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              "Internet for Beginners"

              Internet for Beginners   Explore Internet for Beginners Must Reads Google+: Beginner's Guide to Google Plus Internet 101: The Basics! The Strange Language of Internet Users The Top Emoticons and Smileys The Famous Netiquette Quiz Most Popular The Top 30 Torrent Download...

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         Complexity Lab is an online resource dedicated to the area of complex systems providing a wide variety of users with information, research, learning and media content relating to this exciting new area. Our mission statem...

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                  Habits of Mind

                  Habits of Mind web   "to transform schools into learning communities where Habits of Mind are taught, practiced, valued and infused into the culture" In this article Art Costa defines and discusses each of the Habits of Mind. www.ascd.o...

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                    Modelo competence vs conscious (literacy vs fluency)


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